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ICFM2019 International Conference on Facility Management, Organised by Cooperation of Ankara University Department of Real Estate Development and Management and Turkish Facility Management Association Was Held Between October 10-11th, 2019.

With the aim of examining the problems of the facility management sector, rapidly developing new methods in the field of facility management, occupational standards, technological change and transformation applications, handling successful plant management practices in different fields and sharing experiences and developing University-Public-Industry relations, ICFM2019 International Conference on Facility Management organised by cooperation of Ankara […]

Students of Our Department Ali Tezbaşar, Aslı Tuba İlhan and Pınar Yeğiner Have Successfully Defended Their Master’s Theses

On October 14th, 2019 in the defense meeting which academic staff and students of our department has attended; Master’s thesis titled “Real Estate Portfolio Management System and Evaluation of Practices in Selected Businesses in Turkey in Terms of Users” completed by our Department’s master’s student Ali Tezbaşar under one of our academic staff, Prof. Dr. […]

Student of Our Department Uğur İhtiyaroğlu Has Successfully Defended His Master’s Thesis

On September 20th, 2019 Master’s thesis titled “Examination of Legal Problems in Urban Transformation Practices in the Light of Judicial Decisions” completed by our Department’s master’s student Uğur İhtiyaroğlu under Prof. Dr. Şebnem Akipek Öcal’s advise, was found successful by the jury of Prof. Dr. Şebnem Akipek Öcal, Prof. Dr. Nihan Özdemir Sönmez and Prof. […]