Our Mission:

The mission of the Department is to contribute to the contemporary developments in real estate sciences and related fields, to reflect these developments by monitoring the current higher educational and social life in the country as well as management, development, developmental dynamics, production processes, services and products processes, to strengthen the sustainable  development efforts with human well-being and happiness of the country in specific sensitivity with the nature and the environment, to instruct people of all ages, especially the younger generations to work as professionals in this field and to improve the efficiency of the work of scientific and professional development opportunities in the most effective manner possible; to access qualified, unique and specific knowledge production and dissemination of scientific excellence by providing a free and efficient infrastructure and working environment to researchers and scientists to add power to the light of science and to gain access the most prestigious locations at international platforms that developed countries have created.

Our Vision:

Under the governance of our Department, to encourage participation with all elements and developing together, to organize post-graduate levels of education programs in line with today’s requirements and with accurate predictions of the future and update them continuously, implement research-based education methods considering learning, to take a reputable part in education and training of real estate science, particularly the European Union higher education platform, especially international higher education platform, with efficient, dynamic and broad participation, to create scientific research and development projects by considering the contemporary developments at science technique and technology and future trends observed in the areas such as research platform in the European Union with the priority needs of the country and the society in terms of development, to support creating internal and external scientific research, in national and international contexts as much as possible by allocating more resources, to give importance at scientific research activities to cooperation of department-institution-organization, to offer certification programs to institution-organizations, to adopt the international real estate standards to the national conditions and to promote the usage of those standards in practices, and also to contribute by the community oriented conferences, seminars, workshops and similar activities to the present and the future of Turkey.