Distinguished Visitors,

The lack of academic units in Turkey that educate experts and researchers for the real estate sector, which is considered among the reasons of the two major economic crises of the last century, has been felt for many years. In order to fill the gap in this field and raise real estate professionals, scientific experts and researchers, the Ankara University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Department of Real Estate Development was established on February 2, 2007 and the Ankara University Faculty of Applied Sciences on August 14, 2014. Under the Faculty, the Real Estate Development and Management Department was established consisting of the Department of Real Estate and Asset Economy and Valuation and Department of Land Development and Project Management. To ensure that the undergraduate and graduate level academic units are referred to with the same name and easily recognized, the name of our Department delivering graduate level education was changed. Currently, students are admitted to graduate (full-time and part-time), doctoral and integrated doctoral programs in the Department each semester. In addition, domestic and foreign young researchers are provided post-doctoral study opportunities.

As of today, Ankara University, Department of Real Estate Development and Management is the only academic unit in Turkey with undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs in the field of real estate development and management. In addition, Department of Real Estate Development and Management Undergraduate Program of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of our University received students in the fall semester of 2016-17 academic year and education and training actively started in the undergraduate program, too.

I invite you to examine the first and only interdisciplinary department and graduate and post-graduate programs in terms of approach to real estate sciences, the disciplines involved in the program, and the diversity of the instructed courses in Turkey. The graduate programs of our Department attach priority and importance to comprehensive, versatile, and professional career development. As also cited by the pioneers of real estate and construction sectors as well as academics who specialize in this branch, if you would like to obtain graduate and post-graduate degrees in real estate development and management fields, where you need to be is Ankara University.

You will also notice that our students in graduate real estate development and management education and training programs benefit from rich and versatile elective courses that provide opportunities for expertise in subspecialties (niche areas) in addition to the wide range of core courses. Emphasis is given to practice in graduate courses where problem-oriented training constitute the basis of practical studies and student participation to theoretical and applied research projects conducted in our Department is encouraged. Our students engage in courses and practical activities in close interaction with our faculty members and particularly in part-time (evening) programs with emphasis on on-job training and projects with student participation. Before graduating from the graduate programs of our Department, our students participate in short-term training programs and research projects geared towards professional development as a complementary aspect of theoretical education and training activities and find opportunities of self-improvement.

Besides accumulation of theoretical knowledge, real estate development and management graduate programs focus on practice topics and current developments aimed at skills development. One of the main features of the programs is the real estate research and practical project works that take real estate know-how from real life and combine it with extensive real estate skills development. Domestic and international internship opportunities aimed at developing practical skills, particularly in the summer periods, are provided for our students, as a complementary dimension of education. High value-added internship works and research-practice studies aimed at gaining experience are defined as the most important feature of our graduate programs.

Graduates of Ankara University Real Estate Development and Management Department Graduate Programs are expected to find their place in managerial or leadership positions in the sector after their graduation. Sector seminars are held each year in the Spring Semester to ensure that our students can realistically outline their career plans throughout the education programs and opportunities are provided to the participating executives of the national and international organizations to get to know our programs better and our students are also given the opportunity to obtain first-hand information about various public and private institutions.

When they complete the programs, the graduates of the Graduate Degree Programs will be able enjoy a variety of employment options thanks to the comprehensive management know-how and practical skills they obtain in the fields of real estate development, valuation, finance, real estate investments and management. Our graduates will able to obtain their return on investment through professional development in time. Ankara University continuously monitors its members through the strong alumni network and continues strong professional and institutional cooperation with them. Maintaining the professionalism of our stakeholders at the highest level by continuing in-service training on new scientific developments, legal and institutional regulations after graduation from graduate programs is among our most important goals. In this context, certification programs for subspecialties and short-term courses are held and workshops and meetings are conducted. After our graduate education programs have been accredited by international professional organizations, it has become possible for our graduates to work as licensed experts anywhere in the world without having to go through any examination conditions.

On December 18, 2014, the Ankara University Real Estate Development and Management Department initiated procedures to be accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the leading educational, professional, and accreditation body operating in the fields of professional development and professionalization, high quality education, improvement of ethics and standards, protection of the rights of consumers, the public, and other stakeholders in the real estate, environment and building management (construction) sectors globally, and as a result of almost two years of intensive efforts, the final inspection team examined the Department and conducted the final audit work on February 21-23, 2016. With the approval of the report dated March 16, 2016, the process of accreditation by the RICS of the Thesis- and Non-thesis Graduate Programs of the Ankara University Real Estate Development and Management Department was successfully completed. With the notification on the successful completion of the accreditation process of the two graduate programs in March 2016, the Ankara University Real Estate Development and Management Department has been the first department in Turkey that has joined the 23 accredited universities and academies in Europe. Currently, Ankara University Department of Real Estate Development and Management, which remains the first and only academic unit that is accredited by the RICS in Turkey.

I sincerely invite you to examine our website to learn more about the opportunities waiting for you in the graduate education and training programs of the Ankara University, Real Estate Development and Management Department and pay a short visit to Ankara to meet our faculty members, technical and administrative staff, students, and alumni. I believe you will see that Ankara University is the academic institution that young people who are currently working in real estate development and management fields and who want to develop their professional career, undergraduate degree holders who are seeking job and career opportunities in the sector, young people who want to work as specialists and researchers in the fields of real estate development, real estate, asset and business appraisal, real estate investment and financing, urban transformation, protection and development, urban economy, land and housing economy and politics, zoning planning and especially value-based land and land-lot arrangements, real estate taxation, expropriation, restructuring, real estate-zoning-construction-contract law, international appraisal, accounting, measurement and management standards, real estate economy, land, facility and resource management, information systems should prefer.

I invite you to become a member of the Ankara University Real Estate Development and Management Department, which is the first and only internationally accredited academic unit of our country and constantly develops and updates its programs and keeps the highest level of professionalism.


Prof. Dr. Harun Tanrıvermiş

Founder, Ankara University Real Estate Development Department

Head, Ankara University Department of Real Estate Development and Management

Dean, Ankara University Faculty of Applied Sciences

E-mail: tanrivermis@ankara.edu.tr