Which courses can I apply for as a Special Student?

As a Special Student, you can enroll during fall, spring and summer semesters in courses offered for students who have a right for final enrolment and those who are renewing their enrolments only according to the calendar announced by the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences.

What are the application dates for Special Students?

You can apply during fall, spring and summer semesters on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar on our Department website.

How many courses can I take as a Special Student?

Final year undergraduate students can be enrolled in only 1 course as a Special Student. Graduated students can enroll in a maximum of 4 courses per semester.

How much do I have to pay in Special Student fees?

Special Student application fees for each registration period are announced on our Department website. Fees are calculated on a per credit basis. (The fee is currently 150 TL per credit.)

What documents are needed for Special Student applications?

Undergraduate students in their final year can apply with the photocopy of their latest student ID card, and graduates can apply with a photocopy of their diploma certificates.

How long will the courses I took as a special student count towards my credits?

Following the semester enrolled as a special student, you must complete final enrolment within four semesters at the latest. Otherwise, the courses taken will not count towards your credits.


How can I change advisors? (Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences website Petitions 4. 1)

You can fill the change of advisor request form on our Department website main page which will be submitted to the Department’s Academic Council and the change can be made upon the resolution of the Administrative Board of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. The change document must contain a signature of current advisor agreeing to be released from the position.

Can an advisor from another department be appointed?

The thesis advisor must be one of the assigned faculty members in the Department.


How to choose thesis exam jury members?

For students who have completed the thesis writing stage and fulfilling all the conditions specified in the Regulations, our Department Academic Council of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences offers along with a copy of the thesis a jury proposal to make the student’s exam and the jury is appointed by the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences Administrative Board. At least three faculty members in the department, and minimum of three non-faculty members are recommended for postgraduate. For doctorates, three TMC members, at least three faculty members, and at least three academics from different higher education institutions are recommended.

What documents do I need to submit to the jury members?

Students with a jury appointed shall visit the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences and receive letters of assignment to jurors, personal report forms, thesis examination report and thesis grounds and hand these over to the jury accompanied by a copy of the thesis.


When should I submit the doctoral thesis publication by?

Doctorate papers written after registration to the doctoral program must be submitted to the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences before the jury proposal at the latest.

Does the Doctoral Thesis Publication have to be about my thesis?

The topic of doctoral thesis can relate to your thesis, or may be related to your work area. The name of study advisor must be mentioned in the publication in relation to the thesis subject.

What are the conditions for Doctoral Thesis Publication?

In accordance with Article 37 of Ankara University Graduate Education Regulations and resolutions of Board of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences meeting dated November 04, 2013 and numbered 80 regarding the requirements for doctoral students before their graduation; doctoral thesis submitted to our Institution for publication must be accompanied by:

Peer-reviewed journal published by State Universities operating under the Council for Higher Education

Peer-reviewed journal approved by ULAKBILIM

Journal approved by Ankara University Senate and used in appointments and promotions

The full text of a report printed in an international or national congress and meeting the requirements above

List of editors, chief editor and publication details of journal to be considered in this context must be accessible online

A statement must be added that statements in the form of short notes are within the scope of the SCI or SCI-Expanded categories.


What are the TMC periods?

January-February, July-August, April-May or October-November periods are TMC periods twice a year. The January-February period is referred to as January MTC, June and July as July TMC, April-May as April TMC, and October-November as October TMC.

Can TMC periods vary?

TMC periods can be changed once with a reasoned decision of the Department President and resolution from the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences Administrative Board.

What happens if I do not attend a TMC meeting?

You will fail the meeting for the relevant semester. You must attend a TMC meeting in the subsequent semester. (It is mandatory to attend TMC meetings twice per year pursuant to Article 42/5.)

How many TMC meetings do I have to attend in order to graduate?

You need to attend at least three successful TMC meetings except for the meeting for graduation thesis proposal. However, you must attend one TMC meeting every six months until you graduate. So if you do not graduate after 3 successful TMC’s, you must keep attending meetings until you do.


When do the contribution fees need to be paid?

Students who have completed their legal learning period are required to pay the fees specified each semester on the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences website.

From what semester onwards do I need to pay tuition contribution fees?

Excluding the Scientific Preparatory Program and suspended enrollments, fees must be paid from:

5th semester onwards for Post Graduates

9th semester onwards for Doctorate

11th semester onwards for integrated doctorate.

What happens if I do not pay tuition fees?

You will not benefit from any student rights for the relevant semester. You cannot have any documents issued to you by the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences (Student Pass, ID card, military postponement certificate, student identity card, etc.).


When can I graduate at the latest?

Since disenrollment will no longer be possible in accordance with Law No. 6111, you will continue to be enrolled so long as you pay the tuition fees for the relevant semester (you will not benefit from student rights if the fee is paid after the deadline specified in Article 27).

TERM PROJECTS AND SEMINAR PRESENTATIONS (in non-thesis graduate programs)

When can I present my term project?

Term Projects can be presented at any semester provided that your name is included in the list of presentations to be sent to the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences until the end of the 6th semester by the Department Head Office.

When can I present my seminar? (For Graduate and Doctorate programs)

The seminar must be presented prior to the 4th semester in Graduate programs and before the Proficiency Exam in doctorate programs.

What do I need to do after making the presentation?

Your seminar or project presentation report will be sent within 3 days by the Department Head Office to the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. You need to prepare your presentation according to the conventions of thesis writing and record it on CD in PDF format (no need for hard copy) and submit it to the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences within 15 days at the latest.

Can I make a presentation of the Term Project before the end of the lectures? 

You can make project presentations while the lectures are underway.


What is the Scientific Preparatory Program?

A scientific preparatory program can be implemented to overcome the shortcomings of candidates with qualifications as follows:

  1. a) Those who obtained undergraduate diplomas in different fields to graduate or doctorate programs they applied for,
  2. b) Those who received their undergraduate or graduate degrees from higher education institutions other than the University,
  3. c) Those who received their undergraduate or graduate degree in a field other than the doctorate program they applied for.

How many semesters does the Scientific Preparatory Program (SPP) take to complete?

It takes one year to complete the SPP. This time period will not be included in the regular program term.

How many courses do I need to take for the SPP?

The courses to be taken in the context of the SPP shall be determined by the Scientific Preparatory Program Commission (Scientific Compensation Committee) of our Department.

What happens if the SPP is not completed within one year?

You have to keep taking Scientific Preparatory Program courses but these count towards the program term.


When do I need to take the Doctoral Qualification Exam?

Students who are registered with graduate degrees must take the Doctoral Qualification Exam at the latest by the end of 5th semester and after completion of the required courses and presenting their seminars. Those enrolled in the doctoral program with an undergraduate degree should take it until the end of the seventh semester at the latest.

How do I apply for a Doctoral Qualification? (On the dates indicated in the Academic Calendar on our website)

Doctoral qualification exam applications must be made at the Department Head Office in the months of January and June.

When and where are the qualification exams held?

Doctoral qualification exams are held every year in February and July at the Department Head Office (by a Doctoral Qualifying Committee of five persons). They are comprised of two parts, written and oral.

What happens if I fail the qualification exam?

You must retake the exam in the next semester.


How many courses can I take maximum in one semester?

You can enroll in up to 4 courses per semester

What if I take no courses during a semester?

You do not have to take any courses, but you need to renew your enrollment.

How many semesters do I have to complete graduate courses?

Courses must be completed in thesis graduate programs within at most 4 semesters, 6 semesters for non-thesis graduate programs, and 6 semesters for doctoral programs.

What is the passing grade?

The passing grades are 2.75 out of 4 (70%) for graduate programs, and 3 out of 4 (75%) for doctoral programs.

Are there any Make-up Exams?

Make-up exams are held on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar.

Can I take courses towards a doctoral program while I am studying for a graduate degree?

While enrolled in a graduate program, you cannot take any graduate or post-graduate courses towards a doctoral program.

Can the courses taken in a program be used on another program after the completion of the program?

Courses taken for one program cannot be used for another program after completion.

What is the minimum number of mandatory courses I am required to take?

A Thesis Graduate program consists of at least seven courses with no less than 21 national and 120 ECTS credits, a seminar, other learning activities, and a thesis (Art. 28)

A Non-thesis graduate program consists of at least ten courses with no less than 30 national and 90 ECTS credits, and a term project (Art. 33)

For applicants with a thesis graduate degree, doctoral program consists of at least seven courses with no less than 21 national credits and 240 ECTS credits, seminars, other learning activities, qualification exam, an authored or co-authored article published in a national or international peer-reviewed journal, a thesis proposal and thesis. (Art. 37)

How can I drop a course that I failed?

If you are to retake a course that you failed in any semester on the subsequent one, immediately after enrollment you may request with a petition from the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences for the same course or another course you enrolled in to be counted instead of the one you failed. Also, course or courses failed are not shown on the graduation transcripts nor included in the GPA.

How can I obtain the Student Information System (e-campus) password?

If you click on the ‘forgot password’ link on the E-nstitü Student Login page and enter the email address you have registered with us, your password will be sent to you by email. 

Is there an attendance requirement for courses?

In order to take the exams, students must have attended 70% of theoretical courses, and 80% of practice and/or other learning activities.

How can students with no advisors appointed can get their course enrollments approved?

The Head of our Department handles this process until the advisor appointment is made.



When can I make an application for a graduate program?

The dates are specified on the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences Academic Calendar (on our website). Graduate programs are held twice a year, during fall and spring semesters. Application ads are posted on our Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences and Department website.

What are the prerequisites?

Prerequisites are announced at the beginning of each semester and also included in the Applications menu on our website.

Can I apply with missing documents?

You cannot apply with incomplete documents under any circumstances.

Where and how are the graduate exams held?

Graduate exams are held at the Department Head’s Office in the form of an interview. Foreign nationals take written scientific exams instead.

Can I take graduate studies in a different field to the one I graduated from?

Although there are no restrictive obstacles on this issue, it would be useful to discuss this issue with the Department Head Office in advance.

Is there a graduation requirement to apply?

Yes, there is a graduation requirement. Any applications submitted by the pre-registration date without graduation shall not be taken into consideration.

Can I take two graduate programs at the same time?

You can undertake postgraduate studies at the same institute as well as in different institutes simultaneously. However, you need to fulfill the requirements of both programs separately.

Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam  (ALES)

Do I have to take the ALES test?

ALES is required for application to the graduate programs in our Department.

How many points do I need to score in the ALES?

At least 55 points or higher in numerical, verbal and equal weight points are required.

When are the ALES tests held?

ALES tests are held twice a year in May and December (dates may be subject to change). This exam is held by the SSPC (ÖSYM).

How long are the scores obtained in the ALES valid for?

The validity period of points from the ALES is 36 months.

How many points do I need to score in the GMAT or GRE tests? 

An ALES score of 55 corresponds to 450 points taken in a GMAT exam. An ALES score of 70 corresponds to a GMAT score of 500.

An ALES score of 55, in the case of the consideration of the GRE numerical score, corresponds to 610 points. An ALES score of 70 corresponds to a numerical GRE score of 685.

How long are GRE and GMAT scores valid for? 

GRE and GMAT validity periods are written on the certificates. If there is no validity period specified, it is 5 years.


When can I get the original of my diploma?

Diplomas will be prepared once a year in bulk and presented to the Rector’s Office for signature. This is done in the months of April and May.

What do I need to do to obtain the original of my diploma?

Simply bring the Temporary Certificate of Graduation issued to you.

Can someone else receive my diploma?

Not anybody else can receive your diploma unless you give them a notarized Power of Attorney.

Are titles stated in the diplomas?

Titles are specified in Temporary Graduation Certificates and Diplomas in accordance with the University of Ankara Diploma Guidelines. “Graduate Degree” for graduate studies, and “Doctorate Degree” for doctoral studies is granted.

Can I get an English copy of my Diploma or Temporary Certificate of Graduation?

Both documents are provided in English as well.

I lost my diploma, what should I do?

You need to place a classified ad in a high circulation national newspaper and apply with a petition to the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. It will be specified on the new diploma that it is a second copy.

Can Non-thesis Graduates study for a doctorate?

All students enrolled in Non-thesis Graduate programs before February 06, 2013 can apply for a doctoral program. However, students enrolling after this date may not apply for a doctoral program.


How can I contact the Department?

For all your questions, send an e-mail to:


You will receive a response within the same day whenever possible.

Tel: +90 (312) 600 01 60

Fax: +90 (312) 600 01 61