Within the scope of the traditional “Real Estate Sector Seminars” course held every Spring by our Department, the Academic and Administrative Director of the International Real Estate Business School (IREBS) of Regensburg University Prof. Tobias Just gave a lecture on March 3, 2017. In the conference which students and professors of our Department have attended, Prof. Just has made a presentation on “Internationalization in Real Estate and Real Estate Markets”.

After the opening speech of Dean of Faculty of Applied Sciences and Head of Real Estate Development and Management Department Prof. Harun Tanrıvermiş, Professor Tobias Just began by talking about the size of the global real estate market.

From the example of Germany, referring to the place of the real estate sector in the country and world economy, Prof. Just emphasized that by sharing examples from different real estate markets around the world, real estate investments in each country are specifically concentrated, and that investors have a tendency to invest in developed markets. In his presentation, Prof. Just shared the importance of diversity in portfolios within the context of Modern Portfolio Theory, as well as suggestions for creating strategies for international portfolio, while emphasizing that internationalization-promoting causes can be explained by the supply-demand balance in the economy.

Prof. Just, referring to the demographic trends, the relationship of these trends with the economy and urbanization as a global trend, increasing the demand for the housing market and its reasons, expressed his views on how the real estate prices will be affected by demographics in the near future, the need for innovation in the real estate sector, and the areas in which innovation is needed for the industry’s future. Prof. Just said that access to the banking system has become increasingly easier, and that institutionalization and transparency in real estate markets are important for international investors.

IREBS Academic and Administrative Director Professor Tobias from University of Regensburg was presented a gift for participation by the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Head of the Department of Real Estate Development and Management Professor Harun Tanrıvermiş. The seminar ended after a souvenir photograph being taken of Prof. Just, Prof. Tanrıvermiş and faculty members attended: Prof. Mehmet Bülbül, Prof. Türkay Tüdeş, Prof. Metin Arslan, Prof. Nilay Çabuk Kaya, Assoc. Prof. Nihan Özdemir Sönmez, Assoc. Prof. Arzuhan Burcu Gültekin, Asst. Prof. Yeşim Aliefendioğlu accompanied by research assistants Toygun Atasoy, Gülnaz Şengül and Gizem Var.