• Applications should be made on the dates specified on the website of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
• Interviews and science exams for foreign nationality students are carried out in our Department.
• Turkish and foreign candidates who have completed their education abroad and meet the entry requirements must obtain an equivalency certificate from the Turkish Council for Higher Education to be eligible for permanent registration.


• Graduate Degree Certificate.
• Graduate Degree Transcript (Graduation degree must be at least 2.75 in the quatrain system and those who have not graduated from Ankara University must submit 2 certified copies).
• Turkish ID bearing the Republic of Turkey Identification Number.
• Foreign Language Certificate (a minimum score of 55 from the YDS, UDS or KPDS is required. A certificate showing equivalent points taken from a foreign language examination with international validity can also be submitted).
• A minimum score of ≥60 from any one of the Numerical, Verbal, or Equal Weight score calculations taken from the Academic Personnel and Postgraduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES).

NOTE: Those willing to apply but do not have an adequate ALES or Foreign Language (YDS) score may apply as a “special student”. The special studentship period will be limited to two semesters. Foreign candidates please see the “Foreign Students” section under “Application”.

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According to the Article 48 of the Ankara University Graduate Education Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 28.11.2016 and numbered 29902, for accepted students who acquired their undergraduate or graduate degrees on another subject or from another university, scientific preparatory program is applied.

The maximum length of time spent in the scientific preparation program is two semesters. Summer education is not included in this period. This period can not be extended beyond the period mentioned and the student who can not complete successfully at the end of the period is dismissed from the University. The time spent in this program is not included in the duration of the master’s or doctoral program. A student in the scientific preparation program can take courses from the program as well.

You can find the list of compulsory and elective courses which should be completed in the Scientific Preparation Program and afterwards in the Course Catalog. Following the completion of the scientific preparation program in two semesters maximum, the following steps should be followed according to the program registered.


The Ph.D. program gives students the skills necessary to conduct independent research, analyze scientific problems, interpret the data in a broad and deep way, interpret, analyze and reach new syntheses. The doctoral program is eight semesters, regardless of whether or not they are enrolled for each semester, except for the time spent in the scientific preparation, and the maximum completion period is twelve semesters. The maximum duration of successfully completing the required credits for the Ph.D. program is four semesters. Students who can not successfully complete their credited courses within this period will be dismissed from the University.

In order to graduate from the program, it is necessary to take a minimum of 28 national credits (10 courses + Advanced Research Methods and Academic Writing lesson) except for the scientific preparatory class and to give a proficiency examination after the presentation of 1 seminar and prepare the original thesis. Proficiency exam is the measurement of the basic subjects and concepts in the field of the student who has completed compulsory and elective courses and seminar and whether he has depth of scientific research related to doctoral study. The student must take the proficiency exam at the latest until the end of the fifth semester. The total number of credits required to be taken by the students can be given by the adviser and by the Board of Directors.

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