Special attention is given to provide in-service, development, or refreshment trainings in rapidly changing and developing areas for specialists and professionals working in the field of Real Estate Sciences. In this context, regular training requirements of all public institutions are served annually in such main areas as construction-real estate; expropriation; financial affairs; real property valuation, project development and project appraisal, land acquisition, expropriation, consolidation, development practices of legal counsels and other units; inventory and valuation of real estate; asset valuation; housing loan demand analysis and real estate valuation; real estate market analyses; needs analyses; valuation studies at debt settlement, execution, and bankruptcy stages; integration of valuation and accounting standards; and review and audit of valuation studies.

Several short courses and certified training programs are organized by our Department in cooperation with the relevant departments of our University as well as public and private organizations, experts, and international organizations of real estate professionals. Program details (courses, hours, and experts that will deliver the trainings), timing and possible training dates are determined anew every academic year when there is demand from public and private institutions for the training programs. If the duration of the training program is 60 hours or more, a certificate is granted to those participants who pass the exams that are held at the end of the program and a certificate of participation is given to participants of training programs that are less than 60 hours. Theory and practice are included in the training program together and a problem-oriented education system is implemented. The tuition fees for short-term training programs and specialized courses are determined by the Directorate of Revolving Funds and special discounts are provided to participants based on the number of participants in the groups and to graduates of Ankara University.